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Daniel Sermon Series
Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 1: What's Your Purpose? Handout <<>> Audio

Daniel 2: Something You Can Trust! Handout <<>> Audio

Daniel 3: Two Powers: God vs. Force  Handout <<>> Audio

Daniel 4: Rescued From Pride   Handout <<>> Audio 

Daniel 5: GOD'S grandCHILDREN Handout <<>> Audio 

Daniel 6: Live Outloud <<>> Handout 

Daniel 7: Pt. 1, The Judgement   Handout <<>> Audio  <<>>  Click here for a humerous outtake.

Daniel 7: Pt. 2, Antichrist    Handout <<>> Audio
Daniel 7: Pt. 3, The Little Horn -    Handout 

Additional Information:
Link to quotes about the medeval church changing God's laws. The Sabbath, Allowing Idols.
Video Presentation: The Mystery Beast of Revelation, John Bradshaw


Daniel 8: Strong Faith in Dark Times      Handout

Daniel 9: Daniel's Prayer Handout
The introduction to this sermon is from the book "Playing God" by Céleste Perrino-Walker.You can buy a  paper copy here, or get a Kindle Edition here.