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"A Sound Mind" Sermon Series
A Sound Mind Sermon Series

In our series “A Sound Mind.” Last time we looked at how our beliefs affect our emotional consequences. We saw that Activating events + Beliefs = Consequences (emotional) and when B is distorted, it must be Disputed. We also saw a list of Cognitive distortions that keep us from having a sound mind. 1)All-or-nothing Thinking, 2)Overgeneralization, 3)Mental Filter, 4)Mind Reading, 5)Fortune Teller Error, 6)Magnification or Minimization, 7)Emotional Reasoning, 8)Mislabeling, 9)Personalization, and 10)Disqualifying the positive.
Date Title Video Handout
Jan 28, 2017  ASM01 Intro/All or Nothing Thinking ASM01 ASM01
Feb 11, 201   ASM02 Overgeneralization/Mental Filter ASM02 ASM02
Feb 25, 201   ASM03 Mind Reader Error ASM03 ASM03
Mar 18, 2017 ASM04 Fortune Teller Error ASM04 ASM04
Apr 01, 2017  ASM05 Magnification and Minimization  ASM05 ASM05
Apr 22, 2017  ASM06 Labeling and Mislabeling  ASM06 ASM06
May 6, 2017 ASM07 Personalization/Disqualifying the Positive ASM07 ASM07
May 20, 2017 ASM08 Emotional Reasoning ASM08 ASM08