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Depression Recovery Program

Depression Recovery Program

When depression enters your life, it doesn’t have to be thought of as a life-long condition, or even tolerated. Depression is reversible!


This 8 week Depression Recovery Program has successfully helped many participants with up to 95% reporting significant improvements in their depression at it’s conclusion.

Free Introductory Sessions
Monday January 26th at the Bessemer Library, Marvel City Room at 4:30 and 6:30pm.
Tuesday January 27th at the Hoover Library, meeting room A at 12:00pm.
Wednesday January 28th at Letson Farm Club House at 4:30 and 6:30 pm.

For questions or to register by phone call 205-610-9335.

Program features:
  • Overcome depression and/or anxiety
  • Discover how to achieve a healthy sense of self-worth
  • Learn coping skills
  • Find the motivation and concentration to help achieve your goals
  • Help a friend/family member with depression
  • Prevent depression and and/or anxiety
  • Gain stress control
  • Achieve optimal mental health
  • Learn general health knowledge
  • Professional development


Program topics:

  1. Identifying Depression and Its Causes
  2. Lifestyle Treatment for Depression
  3. Nutrition and the Brain
  4. How Positive Thinking Can Defeat Depression
  5. Positive Lifestyle Choices
  6. Stress Without Distress
  7. Living Above Loss
  8. How to Improve Brain Function

Beginning February 9th Meets every Monday for 8 weeks from 6:45 – 8:45 p.m. at the Bessemer Civic Center North Room.

The seminar materials cost is $145 per participant or $185 per couple. 1.4 CEU credits are available.

***The Nedley Depression Recovery Program is an educational program and is not designed to take the place of either your doctor or professional counselor. This program is not licensed to, or involved in, prescribing, adjusting, or discontinuing depression medication. Participants are encouraged to seek a medical professional should any of these medication needs arise.***